Paver Patios in Bucks County, PA

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When Simmens builds Bucks County hardscape patios or outdoor hardscape living spaces, we add not only additional living space but many years of family fun and entertainment. There is nothing like sitting on your paver patio in front of a fire pit watching TV outside, while your family and friends can enjoy the comfort of that with you. Patios years ago were either concrete or brick and you baked in the hot sun sitting at wooden picnic table. In the last twenty years paver patios and living spaces have become an extension of your home and and focal point for entertainment and family fun. Simmens is pleased when they realize how much you will enjoy your Bucks County, PA hardscape patio. When a job is completed the homeowner is happy, pleased and excited. That makes us feel good about the work we have provide. Years ago it was bathrooms and kitchens that made the difference in the value of your Bucks County, PA home. Now you can add the presence of new patios or out door living spaces that Simmens will build for you to that equation. Hardscaping is a craft that we feel gets better with years of experience along with using our trusted in house workers. We do all are own work. We are bonded, licensed and have workman's comp. Simmens is the best and most referred in hardscaper in Bucks County.

Simmens Landscaping has been providing paver patios in Bucks County, PA for over 28 years. Simmens Landscaping is one of the premier Paving Contractors in the area specializing in landscape design, patio design, retaining walls, walkways, step systems, paver driveways and pool decking.

If you are looking to enhance the appearance of your Bucks County patio with a professional client focused contractor, contact Simmens Landscaping and we will make your outdoor space more luxurious than you have ever dreamed of!


"My backyard was a mess last summer, so before the 4th of July party I had Simmens install a new patio. My guests loved it! I think I will be going back to Simmens for my landscaping needs after this harsh winter."
- Michelle, West Goshen

"It was a wise decision to call Simmens Landscaping. Not only were they done paving around my pool on time, they left the surrounding area cleaner then when they started. They will definitely have my repeat business."
- Rudy, Devon, PA