EP Henry Projects - Simmens is one of the premier installers of EP Henry in Bucks County, PA

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EP Henry is among the top of the line pavers. If you are looking for a rich-color blend an ultra-smooth surface texture Duraface Pavers or Standard Pavers are the correct ones to use. EP Henry suggests a protective pad between the plate compactor recommends the use of a plate compactor between the actual paving stones. this will help to to prevent damage on the surface during the installation process. Coventry Pavers Used By Simmens These pavers are used to give a warmer Look. Once again a protective pad is suggested to prevent surface damage during installation. coventry is one of the most used PAVER ep OFFERS. Devon Stone Paving Slabs By Simmens Landscaping Give you large scale or more stone-like surface texture. This is a personal Choice and very popular and EP Henry's DevonStone line of Cast Stone Slabs achieves just the right look. In sizes ranging from 12"x12" to 24"x24", and colors that evoke nautures bluestone, green slate, and brownstone. DevonStone truly captures the beauty of quarried stone. Permeable Pavers By Simmens Landscaping Known for reducing storm water run-off while being beautiful with functionality. These pavers allow the ground to be recharged by the rain.


"My backyard was a mess last summer, so before the 4th of July party I had Simmens install a new patio. My guests loved it! I think I will be going back to Simmens for my landscaping needs after this harsh winter."
- Michelle, West Goshen

"It was a wise decision to call Simmens Landscaping. Not only were they done paving around my pool on time, they left the surrounding area cleaner then when they started. They will definitely have my repeat business."
- Rudy, Devon, PA