Cambrige Pavers - Simmens is one of the premier installers of Cambrige Pavers in Bucks County, PA

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Simmens landscaping uses the following Cambridge products for work through out Bucks County. For use in retaining walls, patios, walk ways, driveways, outdoor living space and fireplaces. Products used on these projects are Pavingstone Systems Sherwood Collection, Renaissance Collection, RoundTable Collection, KingsCourt Collection, Excalibur Collection, Crusader Collection, Natural Stone Collection, South Beach Collection, Permeable Pavements,Pavingstone Color Options, Wallstone Systems, Ledgestone Wall, Olde English Wall, MaytRx, Pyziquem, Sigma Wall Systems, Cambridge Curbstone, Cambridge Edgestone, and Stone Veneer.


"My backyard was a mess last summer, so before the 4th of July party I had Simmens install a new patio. My guests loved it! I think I will be going back to Simmens for my landscaping needs after this harsh winter."
- Michelle, West Goshen

"It was a wise decision to call Simmens Landscaping. Not only were they done paving around my pool on time, they left the surrounding area cleaner then when they started. They will definitely have my repeat business."
- Rudy, Devon, PA